Our Mission

Dugout Apparel was created alongside the mission of Home Run Dugout to make the game of baseball more accessible and fun for everyone. We take this same energy and harness it into our apparel brand for you to now enjoy anywhere in the world (even if we don't have an HRD near you... yet)!

For us, the dugout is one of the places where we had the best childhood memories we can think of. A place where we spent hours upon hours with our closest friends, playing the game that we love. In the dugout you experience emotions of defeat, followed by encouragement from your teammates, you chew gum and tell stories, you cheer and you prepare for what's to come. What's great about the dugout is you engage with the environment and people who are around you. No cell phones, no distractions, just good times and a love of the game and your team. Regardless of what your "dugout" might be, we all have a team that we experience this life with, so we might as well have some fun together while we are at it!

You may have seen us on social media, online, or in person, which may make us seem like a huge corporation. The reality is we are a small start up company and we strive to maintain a close connection to our Hometown Roots. Our team is Texas-based and we want to keep the spirit of Texas in all that we do, regardless of how big we may get! Texas is a place where the American dream is alive and well, and our team is chasing our own American dream with Home Run Dugout and Dugout Apparel. 

Not only do we act as Home Run Dugout merch, but our long term plan is to expand into a full blown baseball lifestyle brand. As we grow, we hope to bring you fresh new designs that engage with the game of baseball in new and entertaining ways. Our products aren't your run of the mill cheap, shrunk, wrinkly, and uncomfortable after the first wash type of products. We strive to provide you with the highest quality possible, and each of our products and designs were carefully selected to ensure we aren't cutting any corners when it comes to what we deliver to you. Our goal is to inspire everyone that comes into contact with our brand and give you something to get excited about!

At this point in your reading, we want to welcome you to our team and thank you for your support of our mission. We hope to create products that allow you to experience the joy of baseball and life. Welcome to the Dugout, we are happy to have you.